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Computer News: Latest Comments
A lot of what I see with the issue of work on the internet, is an ignorance when it comes to the work that is admitted. I agree fully that there is often many teens that come along and think they know what they are doing and they clearly don't. That ruins it for other people in the business. I was once interested(Still sort of am in graphic design for websites, but I have seen the stress and hard work that is put into it for such little results when working for a company.

Of course this is not true for every company, but is my opinion from what I've seen. I think that it is worth all that in the end once you have found the respectable business deserved and feel the results of your work, such as making people happy and bringing them together. For example look at what the guy who made facebook went through before he finally got the results he deserves.

Out of curiosity, how long have you been in the business of web designing and writing code, JB? Also, do you like it so far, and was it what you expected it to be as a career? This is coming from a teen who is very interested in this career as well. (Possibly)
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